Online Education

Unlike other forms of distance learning (MLS), this form of education does not simply leave understanding to the student. Other forms of e-learning and distance learning, such as instructional videos virtual learning applications (including Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, etc.), are based solely on education and do not manage or monitor; But in virtual and online classroom training is entirely interactive.

Virtual classes make this possible by using this tool:

  • Sharing a whiteboard or desktop of professors and students
  • Share a variety of video and text files.
  • Questions and answers, publicly and privately.
  • Solve the exercise by the student with the possibility of accessing their desktop
  • Record and download online classes
  • Access from anywhere and anytime, only with stable internet
  • Holding courses with any number of professors and students
  • Access classes with a variety of tools, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets
  • Being based on multimedia and interactive learning and thus achieving maximum learning
  • Elimination of all time restrictions in the educational calendar, from the time of the class to the time of the semesters and courses
  • Ability to monitor parents on classes and education
  • Improving the quality of education due to the liquidity of the virtual class and the online class
  • Elimination of sidelong costs of education, including transportation, The cost of the place of the course, school staff costs, etc.
  • Eliminate commuting time and thus the possibility of more productivity and achieve more useful time
  • Different groups of different people have access to learning that takes less time.
  • Public access to the best teachers in deprived areas and achieving educational justice
  • Continuous and effective communication with the teacher in cyberspace

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Online Academy

The design of an online learning site is typically customizable to suit each individual’s specific learning needs. Therefore, this type of training can be done at any time and any place if provided the suitable speed internet and access to a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Here are some of the features of the Online Academy Platform:

  • Course builder in tutor panel and admin panel
  • Professional test maker
  • Create unlimited tutorials
  • Add multiple tutors to a class.
  • Student Dashboard
  • Tutor Dashboard
  • Management dashboard
  • Ability to review the content of the course
  • Course Content Security
  • Expiry time for each class or course
  • Restrictions on participation in the test
  • Automatic test results
  • Integrated with ZooM and SkyRoom software for online training sessions and webinars with the simultaneous presence of students and teachers
  • Create a certificate of completion of the course automatically or manually
  • Powerful reports of all processes
  • Define prerequisites for lessons and classes
  • Multimedia attachments for each class and course
  • Email notifications
  • Homework submission by the student
  • Assignment review by the tutor
  • Drip-fid access to training content
  • Grading system
  • Ability to create a conversation association
  • Create special membership plans
  • Preview part of each course for free
  • Internal notifications in each panel
  • Filter by categories
  • List of course preferences for students
  • Compatibility with all browsers
  • Implementing Google fonts and dedicated Persian fonts
  • Upload speed optimization
  • Completely responsive and compatible with a variety of mobile phones and tablets
  • Install and set up SMS and email panel to manage customers for various purposes.
  • Income and commissions for teachers
    You can set the commission percentage for teachers and manage all the steps.
  • Pay the teacher’s salary.
    This training system provides several methods of withdrawing money for the instructor and allows the user to manage withdrawals related to all their income.
  • Course Certificates
    You can automatically provide professionally pre-designed certificates to your students or create your custom certificate at the end of each course.
  • Teachers of courses
    A course can have more than one instructor. You can have as many coaches as you want
  • Advanced test settings
    You can define the types of tests, set time limits, or the number of times you can take the test.
  • Course Prerequisites
    Set courses that learners have to complete before enrolling in the new class.
  • Create easy courses
    Instructors can easily create course content, tests, and assignments.
  • Advanced reports
    Teachers and students can view and analyze statistics.
  • Email notifications
    There are special facilities and settings for notifying students and teachers via email.
  • Question and Answer
    There is a context that students can comment or ask questions about courses or related issues.
  • Student Dashboard
    Students can update their resumes in their dashboard, review their active courses, follow completed courses, track their progress.
  • Teachers Dashboard
    Instructors also have access to their courses’ most critical management options in their dashboard, and they can manage them.

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The purpose of designing a site for a startup
Most startups start with a small budget. So managing this budget is essential. Website design allows startups to enter the market at a much lower cost and save some money.

  • Startups can provide information about their services or history with their website’s help.
  • sharing different data with their users.
  • Improving their target market with the help of practical training.
  • Using their website and services to connect and interact with users.
  • It is also possible to implement the system in any language globally.


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If your goal in designing an online shop is to enter the field of competition with competing sites and companies, developing a dedicated online store site is necessary for the success of your online store.

We develop an online shop website according to the needs and tastes and your customer and with a glance at successful online stores.
Also, the principles of increasing site traffic and improving the SEO ranking of the site are correctly done based on the type of your activity.
According to site traffic statistics, today, most of the Internet work is done through smartphones and tablets, and this amount is increasing day by day.
So there is no doubt that adapting your website display to various mobile and tablet devices is a necessity today. In addition, one of the essential aspects of popularity among search engines is the design of a responsive site.

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Why design a medical site?

The Internet has an essential role in every aspect of human life in the present age. We use the Internet every day to communicate, prepare food, travel, and even entertain. Naturally, for this reason, most people prefer to get the information they need from the Internet. These are the issues that make all businesses think about designing their site. For this reason, even physicians should create their medical websites to progress. If a physician does not develop a website to introduce themselves, display their resume, educational background, and provide educational information, clients will be much less willing to visit their office.

Designing a medical website allows you to find the best doctor in the shortest possible time. It also will enable physicians to present their resumes, scientific papers, new medical discoveries and enjoy numerous benefits both for themselves and for patients by including different services in the medical websites.

Some of the services that medical websites can provide:

It’s possible to design many features for a medical site. Doctors can use these features to reduce their costs or increase their profits. Before introducing the features that can be created in medical site design, we present the services that public websites can provide:

  • Introduction of products, services, and features.
  • Specify address, telephone number, and hours of attendance and service.
  • Provide resume portfolios and create image galleries.
  • Receive comments, suggestions, and criticisms in various forms.
  • Add content notifications and make changes to the site.

The features mentioned above are generally available on most websites globally, but in reality, the elements of a website are almost unlimited. Still, more special services should be offered to visitors when designing medical sites and treatment clinics. Some of these services are as follows:

  • Online Booking.
  • Creating a database of personal information and diseases and health status of users.
  • Creating an online communication space with the office secretary.
  • Ability to send an urgent visit request.
  • Visit by setting up a virtual office.
  • Examine and record patients’ medical documents and information.
  • Do their examinations.
  • Video communication with patients.
  • Prescribe medicine by connecting to a network of pharmacies.
  • Register a request for testing for patients.
  • Refer clients to the other physicians of that clinic through the internal network of their site.
  • Being at the top of searches with the help of SEO.
  • Start an educational blog to increase user visits and gain their trust in your knowledge.
  • Ability to add other unique features at the request of the doctor and clinic.

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Online Food Ordering

Suggested features for the user:

  • Ability to search for restaurants based on user location
  • Ability to search for restaurants name
  • Ability to order food online
  • Ability to search restaurants with filters
  • Ability to check the status of the order
  • Ability to repeat previous orders (for convenience and speed)
  • Possibility to reserve a table
  • Notification
  • All payment gateways
  • Ability to pay at the place of order
  • Option to reserve a table
  • Send SMS for orders
  • Search by street and neighborhood name
  • Search by food name
  • Search by restaurant type
  • Gamification system and wallet

Suggested facilities for management:

  • Ability to define different access levels for managers
  • Ability to define advanced menu, including food size, ingredients, supplements, etc.
  • Ability to specify the amount of food cooking (well-done and medium, etc.)
  • Ability to determine the cost of food, transport costs, taxes, etc.
  • Send notifications via email, SMS, and app for the user, driver, etc.
  • Sales reporting for managers and restaurant owners in general or by food separation
  • Ability to receive reports in Excel file format
  • Ability to view the information in the form of charts
  • Ability to sell membership fees for a specified period
  • Ability to define membership fees and different membership conditions
  • The ability for easy login with Facebook and Google account
  • Ability to submit reviews by users and control comments
  • Possibility of restaurant registration and restaurant management (complete management panel for restaurant owners)
  • Ability to suggest and add restaurants by users to management
  • The restaurant profile includes a location on the map, restaurant menu with the possibility of ordering or a catalog, working hours, image gallery, description, and restaurant introduction.
  • Ad banner and front page slider advertising system for monetization (with control panel)
  • Side banner advertising system and Slider front page for monetization (With control panel)
  • Online support system with all features
  • Ability to define commissions for food that restaurants in two models send: percentages and a fixed amount
  • Rating system for users in exchange for purchasing, and writing reviews, registering on the site, and the possibility of converting them into a discount code
  • User wallet management
  • Show the complete list of points earned by users.
  • Show and print orders
  • Manage website users
  • Management of restaurant owners
  • Driver management
  • Discount code
  • The type of dish
  • Send SMS and settings.
  • Send emails and set up with email marketing system.
  • List of customers and subscribers
  • Bank Accounts Management
  • Restaurant payment records and payment reports
  • List of sponsorship of restaurants
  • Search settings
  • Restaurants landing page Settings

Recommended facilities for the restaurant:

  • Address settings, location, and opening hours of restaurants in the restauranteur panel
  • Pricing setting for sending products in the restaurateur panel
  • Sales report and order status
  • Payment settings for restaurateur
  • List of payments for the restaurateur
  • Setting Logo in the restaurant profile.
  • Set the opening and closing of restaurants by specifying the working day or deactivating the restaurant
  • Factor printing option
  • Specify discount coupons for products
  • Food categories
  • The minimum order for delivery
  • price for delivery
  • Specify the food that is served on certain days
  • Add food with complete information such as description, photo, name, taste, category, size, discount, price.
  • Show orders with the possibility of printing and complete details and change the order’s status.
  • Special offer dishes
  • Customer feedback with the ability to respond
  • Social network settings
  • Sales report, discounts
  • Manage restaurant users
  • Announcements and warnings for each restaurant in the restaurateur panel
  • Specify the status of the order in the restaurant app
  • Send a message for new orders.
  • Open and close the restaurant from the app.
  • Specify the amount of each order manually.
  • Cancel the order
  • Disable food when it runs out
  • SMS for restaurateur and user in any order status social networks

Suggested features for the courier:

  • List of reports of each courier
  • Register a new courier
  • Courier management
  • Disable courier
  • Send a message to the courier
  • Show courier position list
  • Show the changed status of each order
  • Two types of tracking methods to protect the phone battery
  • Specify a team for each driver
  • Specify the type of motor or car drivers
  • Reports of each driver
  • SMS report
  • General app settings in the driver managing panel


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Architecture Company

Architectural and construction site design
The cheapest way to advertise for construction and architecture companies & construction engineers is to design an architecture and construction site. This site includes presenting projects that have been done or are in progress.

Groups that need to design an architectural and construction site:

1. Manufacturers of construction equipment such as elevators, towers, roof jacks for metal molds
2. Executors of construction projects
3. Sellers of construction equipment

The most prominent feature of any architectural or construction website is a suitable way of introducing extensively.

Architectural and construction site design goals:

As we all know, the most crucial goal of website design is to earn money. This goal is for designing an architecture and construction site as well, but most construction and architecture companies can follow three goals from creating a website for themselves:

1. Show products and company projects
2. Internet marketing and advertising
3. Increase equipment sales and take new projects

These three goals can be the most significant architectural and construction site design goal.
But achieving this goal and the website’s success requires that the website is constantly activated and updated to appear in the top search results on Google. The most critical success for a website occurs when more people visit the website. In this way, more people know the company, increasing the company’s efficiency.

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Online Video Sharing

Database and information about movies, series, and video games

The Internet Movie Database, or Internet Movie Database, is an online database that includes information on actors, movies, video games, TV series, and movie and television productions.
One of the features that the online movie database provides to users is rating movies. The user can give the desired movie a score between 1 and 10. This system allows you to get completely accurate information from a film. For example, if a film receives one million votes, they add up and divide to one million, indicating this system’s high accuracy.
Other features of this system include:
User rating
Movie rating
Conversation group
Analysis & Review
Content-type classification
Additional movie information

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Car Rental App

This Application can define drivers and cars under contract with the car rental platform, which allows users to make their dreams come true without any restrictions.

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CryptoCurrency Exchange

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