About ITechNet


Why You Choose Us?

Expert Team

Relying on the expertise of the elite and using the scientific potential of the graduates of Sharif University of Technology, ITechNet has provided suitable solutions to meet all the needs of the business market.

Modern Technologies

ITechNet can implement the latest technologies in your projects with access to the latest scientific resources.


Who We are

How did our story begin?

Since 2013, in collaboration with the university projects of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology of QIAU, we started our work. With effort and trying hard, we were able to carry out large projects in the MRL Mechatronics Lab in programming & robotics. Since 2015, with the invitation of one of the Sharif University of Technology professors, We joined the Technology Research & information Organization of this university. We did many projects in cloud computing, Designing the infrastructure of transforming traditional businesses into modern ones and researching and teaching about modern technologies. In ITechNet Company, we have cooperated several times with various international reputable brands. For example, we can note the collaboration extensively with Sharif University, Blockchain-Council, UNICEF, and moverii.

Our goal has always been to grow and improve the quality of information technology services and attract elites into this industry.