The design of an online learning site is typically customizable to suit each individual’s specific learning needs. Therefore, this type of training can be done at any time and any place if provided the suitable speed internet and access to a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Here are some of the features of the Online Academy Platform:

  • Course builder in tutor panel and admin panel
  • Professional test maker
  • Create unlimited tutorials
  • Add multiple tutors to a class.
  • Student Dashboard
  • Tutor Dashboard
  • Management dashboard
  • Ability to review the content of the course
  • Course Content Security
  • Expiry time for each class or course
  • Restrictions on participation in the test
  • Automatic test results
  • Integrated with ZooM and SkyRoom software for online training sessions and webinars with the simultaneous presence of students and teachers
  • Create a certificate of completion of the course automatically or manually
  • Powerful reports of all processes
  • Define prerequisites for lessons and classes
  • Multimedia attachments for each class and course
  • Email notifications
  • Homework submission by the student
  • Assignment review by the tutor
  • Drip-fid access to training content
  • Grading system
  • Ability to create a conversation association
  • Create special membership plans
  • Preview part of each course for free
  • Internal notifications in each panel
  • Filter by categories
  • List of course preferences for students
  • Compatibility with all browsers
  • Implementing Google fonts and dedicated Persian fonts
  • Upload speed optimization
  • Completely responsive and compatible with a variety of mobile phones and tablets
  • Install and set up SMS and email panel to manage customers for various purposes.
  • Income and commissions for teachers
    You can set the commission percentage for teachers and manage all the steps.
  • Pay the teacher’s salary.
    This training system provides several methods of withdrawing money for the instructor and allows the user to manage withdrawals related to all their income.
  • Course Certificates
    You can automatically provide professionally pre-designed certificates to your students or create your custom certificate at the end of each course.
  • Teachers of courses
    A course can have more than one instructor. You can have as many coaches as you want
  • Advanced test settings
    You can define the types of tests, set time limits, or the number of times you can take the test.
  • Course Prerequisites
    Set courses that learners have to complete before enrolling in the new class.
  • Create easy courses
    Instructors can easily create course content, tests, and assignments.
  • Advanced reports
    Teachers and students can view and analyze statistics.
  • Email notifications
    There are special facilities and settings for notifying students and teachers via email.
  • Question and Answer
    There is a context that students can comment or ask questions about courses or related issues.
  • Student Dashboard
    Students can update their resumes in their dashboard, review their active courses, follow completed courses, track their progress.
  • Teachers Dashboard
    Instructors also have access to their courses’ most critical management options in their dashboard, and they can manage them.

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